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Citylink – Inside The Womb

An internet radio station takes the sounds of South Beach global

by Joanie Cox

A DJ positions himself between two turntables, his body jerking back and forth in time to the breakbeats rumbling from the speakers set up in one corner of the room. The msic is so loud that the floor is shaking, but this doesn’t deter a petite you woman with butterfly wings attached to her back from running in to the room and reaching for a Red Bull.

“Can you belive the energy in this place?” Vanessa Picart, 33, asks as she puts her drink on the ground to adjust her wings and bust into an impromptu dance. “I’ve got these on because I’m ready to fly tonight.”

Marina Rao, aka VJ Psyberpixie joined The Womb in October and has become its official resident VJ...

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