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Digital Spotlight: VJ’s on The Rise !

The fascinating thing about the VJ market is that it is still completely under. yes, you have some name guys out there, like Vello Virkhaus of V Squared Labs, but for the most part, you’ve never even heard of or, better yet, experienced the majority of talented artists out there. Check out Benton Bainbridge, Feedbuck Galore, Grant Davis or Psyberpixie to name a few.

With Edirol, Pioneer, Numar, Korg and other large manufacturers making new products for VJs, its only goign to be a matter of time before this market explodes and you have big-time VJs demanding the same fees as top-ten DJs!
Are you ready?

Digihear? April 2005

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Best Visuals were spun (yes we said spun) by VJ Psyberpixie at the All Gone Pete Tong movie party at the Redbull mansion. Stay tuned for an interview with this artist who paints with digital media on screens soon here on! That party also got shut down early by the noise police, before Pete Tong or Deep Dish had even gone on. It wasn’t only our parties that had police problems!

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