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Arkaos Content Packs: โ€˜Psyberpixie by Psyberpixieโ€™ & โ€˜Psyberpixie 2โ€™

โ€” MC Rebbe @ 00:23

If youโ€™re a VJ, looking for ready made material, then these twoย  downloadable โ€˜content packsโ€™ might be just the thang. In contrast to some ofย  Arkaosโ€™ content packs, which contain very raw footage, South Florida based VJ, Psyberpixieโ€™s packs are the finished article, consisting of ready mixed, multi layered, effected clips.

The first of the two, โ€˜Psyberpixie by Psyberpixieโ€™, open with proof that Psyberpixie gives good headโ€ฆas brightly posterised Wharholesque heads on a trio of TV screens jump back and forth in the opposite direction to the stone carved Javanese temple heads above themโ€ฆa theme that is reprised in the following clip, albeit with a different colour scheme.

Next is a clip ofย  a street in a China town, with added shakeโ€ฆat least I think i...

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