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Arkaos Content Packs: ‘Psyberpixie by Psyberpixie’ & ‘Psyberpixie 2’

— MC Rebbe @ 00:23

If you’re a VJ, looking for ready made material, then these two  downloadable ‘content packs’ might be just the thang. In contrast to some of  Arkaos’ content packs, which contain very raw footage, South Florida based VJ, Psyberpixie’s packs are the finished article, consisting of ready mixed, multi layered, effected clips.

The first of the two, ‘Psyberpixie by Psyberpixie’, open with proof that Psyberpixie gives good head…as brightly posterised Wharholesque heads on a trio of TV screens jump back and forth in the opposite direction to the stone carved Javanese temple heads above them…a theme that is reprised in the following clip, albeit with a different colour scheme.

Next is a clip of  a street in a China town, with added shake…at least I think i...

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