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2007 Club Awards – Best Resident VJ Nomination

Psyberpixie, Revolution Ft. Lauderdale
Looking like she stepped out of a fast-action anime, Marina Rao, aka Psyberpixie, is an emerging VJ whose on-the-fly blends splash across Revolutionโ€™s many plasmas and single centerstage big screen. Her show combines a montage of fast โ€œmicroโ€ cuts with lots of frames, depicting a techno-organic blend of visuals pulled from multiple video sources, graphics and 3D animation. The goal? โ€œTo make a visual symphony of thought-provoking pixels.โ€ Fast on the rise in the South Florida scene, Psyberpixie has provided visuals for Carl Cox, Crystal Method and Josh Wink, as well as corporate events for MTV and Reebok. โ€“DS

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