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“Psyberpixie on DJ TIMES”

"Psyberpixie on DJ TIMES"Β 

Psyberpixie-DJ_Times_Banner Published in the October 2009 Issue of DJ Times Magazine Volume 22 - Number 10 By Dennis Sebayan
Marina Rao (aka VJ Psyberpixie) isn’t the whole show, but she’s a hell of an accompaniment. Her mind-bending graphics, patterns and images have fired up performances by a variety of artistsβ€” from global stars Moby and Paul van Dyk to Israeli trancers Infected Mushroom and alt-rockers Jane’s Addictionβ€”making their gigs memorable ones for their fans. As her profile and reputation have grown, we caught up with the Miami-based VJ to discuss her processes, inspirations and motivations. DJ Times: How did you get into doing video? Psyberpixie: I majored in Video Production at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale...
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