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“Psyberpixie on DJ TIMES”

"Psyberpixie on DJ TIMES"ย 

Psyberpixie-DJ_Times_Banner Published in the October 2009 Issue of DJ Times Magazine Volume 22 - Number 10 By Dennis Sebayan
Marina Rao (aka VJ Psyberpixie) isnโ€™t the whole show, but sheโ€™s a hell of an accompaniment. Her mind-bending graphics, patterns and images have fired up performances by a variety of artistsโ€” from global stars Moby and Paul van Dyk to Israeli trancers Infected Mushroom and alt-rockers Janeโ€™s Addictionโ€”making their gigs memorable ones for their fans. As her profile and reputation have grown, we caught up with the Miami-based VJ to discuss her processes, inspirations and motivations. DJ Times: How did you get into doing video? Psyberpixie: I majored in Video Production at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale...
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DJ MAG – VJ Psyberpixie

DJ MAGย featuringย VJ Psyberpixie -ย Jan/Feb 08 issue


"VJ's are gaining respect in Clubland, and this year's Top 20 VJ'sย features a new generation of high profile female VJ's....(see article)

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Miami New Times -Sound and Vision Psyberpixie controls the images

Miami New Times -Sound and Vision Psyberpixie controls the images
Picture the following on one of the enormous Ultra Music Festival stages: 500 human-size Buddha statues from an ancient temple in Indonesia, some beheaded, some intact. It will happen, at least in two dimensions. In her Aventura studio, Marina Reno, a.k.a. VJ Psyberpixie, double-clicks on one of the frames shot with her digital video recorder on a recent trip toJakarta. "During the wars inย  Indonesia, that's what they used to do," she says. "They used to go out and cut off the heads of the statues โ€” the people that wanted to get rid of the Buddhists. I like this one...Read More

Psyberpixie exclusive interview with Future Style by Kleo Patras

Psyberpixie - INTERVIEW by Kleo Patras Exclusive interview 2006- for FUTURE STYLE How did you get into the world of VJing ? WENT TO MY FIRST RAVE 1996 ZEN FESTIVAL ...SAW THE SCREENS AND THE PEOPLES FACES BEIGN TRIGGERED BY THE VISUALS .....I WAS HOOKED ..and SAID I WANT TO DO THAT ! Who were your biggest influences as a VJ? OVT VISUALS (USA) How would you describe your work as VJ? and as a visual-art producer? Micro-cutting Sublime- Teck-No-Logical Visuals -Electro-Organic - Thought provoking How will be your tomorrow-style as VJ? I want to emphasize more on The LIVE Performance aspect of the VJ be on stage with the DJ / Artist... How will be your tomorrow-style as producer ? I want to Intergrate more 3D Virtual Scenarios...Read More